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Organize Your Sales Process with Powerful Reporting and Campaign Management Tools

Sales Contact Management provides a more organized approach to Parts, Service, Sales and campaign management to help make marketing efforts more strategic with powerful reporting tools for all profit centers.

Keep all of the key details about who your customers are and what they are looking for in one place, where it is easily accessible. Reduce the amount of information lost due to paper notes and Salespeoples’ memories.

Integrated with the CDK Dealership Management System (DMS), Sales Contact Management is more than just a front end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system ... it is a powerful tool that will help you manage your truck Sales, Parts and Service departments with ease.

Integrated with Outlook for your convenience

Sales Contact Management is integrated with Microsoft® Outlook, allowing you to sync your scheduled appointments between the two applications. This means that your Sales staff can view their meetings in one calendar and easily adjust them as their work day changes.

This integration also allows for contacts to be synced, so Sales staff can access customer details right from their Outlook address book.

Take a more professional approach to truck sales

Sales Contact Management allows you to store all of your data for current and prospective customers in one centralized spot, preventing the loss of information that may occur with staff turnover. Specific details like truck lead source, truck fleet composition, and truck service dates can be recorded, which will allow you to profile customers for more effective sales and marketing efforts and better customer service.

Sales staff can easily manage activities such as scheduling appointments, logging call details, and tracking results. A ‘to do’ list is also provided and is driven by current truck Sales and truck marketing campaigns.

Points can be assigned to different types of customer contacts initiated, as well as the results of those contacts. The system can then produce a report allowing Sales Managers to quickly track and reward sales performance.

A truck quoting tool is available that will allow Sales staff to create professional and accurate quotes, based on current truck inventory in the dealership, helping them to better meet customers’ needs and drive sales.

System events, such as truck repair orders being opened or closed, are easily automated to prompt Sales staff for available opportunities. Criteria such as truck vehicle year, make and mileage can be used to trigger appropriate follow-ups.

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