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CDK AP Automation For Truck Dealerships



AP Automation helps you save time and money, plus empower your managers to be more accountable for their areas — simply by streamlining the AP process.

Powered by Yooz and Nvoicepay AP Assist®, AP Automation automates time-consuming manual processes and paperwork — quickly and easily. Best of all, you can run AP Automation right from your CDK Drive Dealer Management System.

Count on AP Automation to help you automate your Accounts Payable, so you can run your dealership at full throttle.

Ready to reduce paperwork?
See what AP Automation can do for your dealership.


AP Assist is a third-party solution from Nvoicepay. AP Assist only provides integration of your CDK system to Nvoicepay and is not a stand-alone payment solution. Nvoicepay is not a CDK company.

Key Features

  • Approve payments from anywhere, not just your desk
  • Indicates who has approved what — and when
  • Empowers your managers to be more accountable
  • Increases efficiencies inside AP and reduces operating costs
  • Enables you to take advantage of early payment discounts
  • Card rebates help you optimize cash and generate new revenue

How AP Automation Works

Step 1

The user imports documents via a cloud scanner, a mobile device, or email. Yooz “reads” the invoice and remembers the vendor and company codes.

Step 2

Managers approve or decline invoices and payments on any device with a simple click. No more hand carrying or shipping invoices from location to location.

Step 3

Nvoicepay AP Assist® generates payments. Done.