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Streamline Your Truck Service Processes

Maximize your truck Service department productivity with the Electronic Time Tracking (ETT) module. The ETT system streamlines moving a truck repair order through the repair cycle and virtually eliminates the need for traditional paperwork.

Greater revenue and gross profit are created when the truck Service department can process units quickly and smoothly. With ETT, employees can focus on promoting new service opportunities and working with customers, rather than spending time on redundant processes.

ETT is designed to not only enhance the productivity and efficiency of Technicians, but also to improve the overall processes for both the truck Parts and Service departments.

Increase the efficiency of your truck dealership

  • Service Managers – They will be able to better control the truck repair process with complete, up-to-date repair order information at their fingertips
  • Technicians – They will be able to allocate time more effectively and process truck repairs more smoothly
  • Dealerships – They will be able to realize improved overall efficiency and profitability

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