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CDK DOCUMENT CLOUD For Truck Dealerships


Imagine trying to run your business if you lost a year, a month, or even a week of data. CDK Document Cloud helps prevent that data loss.

It’s a seamless solution that automates the document archival process. No more copying, no drag-and-drop, no data entry. In fact, you don’t have to lift a finger. Documents update automatically in the cloud.

But Document Cloud is more than just an electronic filing cabinet. It eliminates the costly labor of copying, sorting, filing, cross-referencing, and refiling associated with storing paper documents. It also eliminates other paper document costs, including third-party vendor costs of storage, transportation, scanning, deconstruction, shredding and disposal.

Key Features

  • Reduce preprinted forms cost
  • Manage risk with comprehensive forms management
  • Choose from best-in-class library of forms to meet your laser needs
  • Capture, index and store documents from your CDK Drive DMS automatically, including reports, purchase orders, repair orders and much more


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