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CDK Truck Lease For Truck Dealerships


CDK Truck Lease is our next generation version of our Lease, Rental and Maintenance application. This solution incorporates an enterprise approach to your business, with optimized workflows and important new features.

Use Truck Lease to determine which vehicles are driving the most profit. Make timely and informed decisions. Produce reports at a location level, a customer level, or down to an individual unit. Know what parts of your business are profitable so you can properly focus your efforts.

This easy-to-use application helps you organize your truck lease and rental activities by calculating depreciation, setting up amortization schedules, and keeping up with notes payable balances.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive financial reports
  • Several report types, including utilization, monthly and quarterly
  • Insight into daily activities
  • Unit profit and loss statements
  • Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Multiple configurations, including Rental Billing, Lease Billing, Fuel Billing and Trip Reporting, and Preventative Maintenance

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