Heavy Truck

CDK PartScan For Truck Dealerships

Maximize Employee Productivity

When it comes to the heavy truck industry, it’s always beneficial for dealerships to save time, improve parts inventory accuracy, offer faster customer service, enhance employee satisfaction and reduce day-to-day Parts department headaches. PartScan can help.

PartScan was designed in cooperation with over 200 Parts Managers and manufacturers, and is currently used in hundreds of Parts departments across North America. PartScan will help you reduce the time and expense of parts receiving, and streamline physical inventory and cycle count processes.

In addition, optional PartScan tracking software can help you track a part from the time it is scanned when received until it is scanned into its bin location or handed off to Parts Delivery Management.

Key Features

  • Scanning, validation and electronic transfers
  • Accurate inventory check-in
  • Printed labels for your special order parts
  • Streamlined cycle count process
  • Electronic additions of parts to Repair orders or parts invoices
  • CDK Scanner Rental Program

Solutions For The Long Haul.