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CDK Data Security For Truck Dealerships

Putting Truck Dealers IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT.

The potential risks of data sharing with third parties is a front-and-center concern for truck dealers. Simply stated, dealers need to know what data is shared and with whom. Equally important is a complete view of the two-way exchange of data with third parties and OEMs.

Dealer Data Exchange (DDX), our newest solution for managing dealer data integration and syndication, is now active and ready for use at no charge to all CDK Drive dealers.

Designed to give dealers more visibility over data going to OEMs and third-party vendors, it is the first comprehensive data integration application offered by a leading DMS provider.

SecurityFirst: Advancing security is everybody’s business

CDK will help you protect your data and reputation by providing the expertise and security-related insight that your business needs. We’ll help you gain visibility into your DMS with our DDX data integration application, manage partner integration more securely through our Third Party Access (3PA) program and provide network security solutions that are tailored to the automotive industry. Put SecurityFirst with CDK.

Key Features

  • The most direct way to share data with OEMs and third parties
  • Visibility of data flows through CDK-approved connection points
  • Reporting feature helps meet guidelines for dealer data security and data safe handling
  • User access through existing CDK common user ID management systems
  • Multistore reporting and control for enterprise truck dealer groups

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