Translating “Why Buy” message into successful link building

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Link Building. In the SEO world, links have remained one of the consistent ranking factors for websites.  As Google Algorithm updates have rolled out, it’s no longer acceptable to just get links. The quality of the content being linked to, and the site linking to it matters.  It can already be overwhelming and time consuming to think and create content. Trying to find that high quality, relevant site, and then convince them to link back to you and your content can be even more tedious.

For a dealership, a well thought out “Why Buy” message means your content and link building research is already done!

Dealer Digital Marketing Minute - Link Building... It's Not That Painful!SEO Linking Building doesn’t have to be a painful process. Doug Antkowiak, …

Those reasons why someone should buy a car from your dealership can serve as a perfect starting point for sharable content ideas, and drive who you should be reaching out to for link building opportunities.

Marissa Dogeagle Smith recently wrote on the blog about How to get the Most from Your Community Involvement with the example of building out a landing page to highlight your community work.  By adding in links to the websites of your community partners, you’ve created sharable content that people want to link to.   You also have a built in list of people to share the page with, and it gives you a real opportunity to ask for a link from their website.  A quick email to the organization lets them know that they are a featured partner on our community page, and they should feel free to share the page with their members and on their website.

This idea can apply to more than just community involvement.  If your “Why Buy” message showcases different programs that you’re a part of, like military discounts or Green Driving Checkups, build out content about that!  USO organizations, military sites and local news blogs love being able to highlight discounts in an area, which then gives your website an opportunity for links from high quality sites.

As buyers are spending an average of 18 hours online researching their next vehicle purchase, having a successful “Why Buy” message is becoming a necessity, and working with your website team, can be the roadmap for successful link building.

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