How to Use Service Connect to Contact Your Client Account Manager

Your Direct Connection – Your Client Account Manager (CAM) is assigned to your dealership to act as an advocate when support issues require additional priority, when you don’t know where to go with a specific inquiry, or when you just need a little extra help for your non-technical questions. ALWAYS start with Service Connect.


Your CAM is just a click away and is there to help ensure that you have the best possible client experience. While your CAM is not a technical resource, he/she is your advocate for previously reported issues.

Step 1: Right from your CDK desktop, click the Service Connect icon.

Service Connect Step 1

Step 2: Click Client Account Manager.

Service Connect Step 2

Step 3: Follow the prompts to tell us about your existing issue.
Note: The drop-down menu on the Select Case screen makes it easy for you to find the right case to reference.

Service Connect Step 3

Step 4: A case will automatically be opened and sent to your CAM. Your CAM will then reach out to help you. No waiting on the phone required.

For more information and a simple overview of everything that Service Connect can do for you, download our Service Connect eBook. And always remember … The CLICK is MIGHTIER than the dial.