ALWAYS Start with Service Connect. It’s the Fastest Way to Get Support.

Did you know that opening a support case with Service Connect is THE FASTEST way for you to get support? Yes, we know it doesn’t seem possible, but really … it is!

There’s no dialing the phone, or trying to remember what your CMF number is, no wading through endless prompts or waiting on hold. There’s none of that.

With Service Connect, simply click the Service Connect icon on your desktop – we already know who you are, what your CMF number is, and quite possibly what function you’re working in. Bingo, bango, bongo. Help is on the way. We’ll even call you if you ask.

Follow these three easy steps and you’ll see. Service Connect really is your fastest route to getting the answers you need to your most critical issues, and more.

Step 1: Right from your CDK desktop, click the Service Connect icon.

Service Connect Step 1

Step 2: Click Need Assistance.

Service Connect Step 2

Step 3: Follow the steps to tell us about your issue. And then let us know the best way to contact you.

  • You can Web chat with a CDK Support specialist immediately, or we’ll call you back.
  • There’s no waiting on hold and wondering how long it will be before someone picks up the phone – you can just keep doing what you were doing, and we’ll call you at the number you specify.

Check, check. It’s that easy and fast!

Service Connect Step 3

For more information and a simple overview of everything that Service Connect can do for you, download our Service Connect eBook. And always remember … The CLICK is MIGHTIER than the dial.