Collect Your Money from Warranty Claims Faster

As manufacturers improve the quality of their vehicles, the amount of warranty work dealers can do declines. By increasing the value of each warranty claim and getting paid faster, you can increase your Service revenues today.

WarrantyWizard is an easy-to-use application that gives you access to all the information you need to file accurate claims without leaving money on the table. In fact, using WarrantyWizard can add 12 minutes (.2 hours) to every claim, which can mean an additional $4,000* in labor hours each month!

Grow your warranty claims and get paid faster:

  • $50 (Labor rate) x .2 Hours = $10 Labor sales per warranty claim
  • 10 x 400 Labor claims (per month) = $4,000 Additional labor revenue

File faster warranty claims and reduce rejections

WarrantyWizard makes it easy to find up-to-date manufacturer data for warranty claims. We will suggest additional labor hours and material allowances, and help eliminate errors that can result in claim rejections.

Our easy-to-use application helps you:

  • Increase the value of your warranty claims with cross-reference data
    • Find all the information you need to get the maximum dollar amount from every claim
    • VIN, model, op code and word searches available for all manufacturer lines
  • Get paid faster by the manufacturer with accurate data in the right format
    • Manufacturer data is continuously updated, giving your staff accurate data in the right format for submitting claims
    • Reduce errors that result in claim rejections, letting you put more money in the bank faster
  • Improve employee productivity with fast, easy searches
    • Use our powerful search functions to fly through volumes of data in a matter of seconds, instead of wading through warranty books
    • Employees can spend more time with customers and less time researching claims

With WarrantyWizard, you can file warranty claims faster, reduce rejections and increase your Service revenue today.