VIN Cleanse – Data Cleansing Software

Stop Wasting Good Money

Having an updated list of VIN numbers is crucial for a successful dealership. VIN Cleanse can help make sure you have the best list possible.

The benefits of updating your VIN numbers

Every six months, VIN Cleanse pulls all dealer customer records that have a vehicle association as well as the VIN numbers for those vehicles. Prior to running VIN Cleanse the first time, we will work with you to determine the delete and disconnect rules, so you do not lose any data you’d prefer to keep.

Below are some common types of VIN numbers that dealers accidentally hold on to, which could lead to wasted Marketing dollars and lost sales:

  • Vehicles out of operation
  • Vehicles that have experienced a title change since the last transaction with the dealership
  • Vehicles whose current owner's last name does not match the last name of the customer
  • Vehicles whose current owner's zip code does not match the zip code of the customer

Do you really want to be spending your Marketing dollars on these customers? Of course not. VIN Cleanse makes it easy to have an up-to-date list of customers to target, based on continually refreshed VIN numbers.