Technician Workbench

Move Service Paperwork Faster

Your Service customer just waited for his vehicle, and now he has to wait for paperwork before he can leave—a frustrating situation that can lead to lower customer satisfaction, not to mention the wasted time your staff spends pushing paper.

Now, there's a solution: Technician Workbench, an easy-to-use system that transfers Service and Parts paperwork electronically and automatically between Service Advisors, Technicians and Cashiers. Your staff can move service paperwork faster, doing more in less time.

An improved Service workflow can lead to happier customers

Available right from your CDK Dealer Management System, Technician Workbench can help make your Service workflow more efficient and your employees more productive.

This game-changing solution can help your dealership:

  • Eliminate manual tasks and wasted time with electronic transfer of data, improving productivity
  • Create a faster workflow, so Service Advisors can book more appointments and Technicians can repair more vehicles
  • Track everyone’s activities, so you can divide work evenly among your Technicians
  • Train new employees in no time with our easy-to use system
  • Make your customers happier
    • Give accurate, up-to-the-minute pricing and vehicle status
    • Have invoices ready when your customers arrive to pick up their vehicles

Worried about your return on investment? Our clients tell us that Technician Workbench can save each Technician 30 minutes per day. Assuming $50 per hour and 10 Technicians per dealership, that’s $5,000 savings every month!

Technician Workbench provides complete, up-to-date repair order information—where and when it is needed—allowing your Service department to achieve service excellence, from monitoring the shop to maintaining service history.