CDK New Lot Intelligence – New Car Inventory Pricing and Stocking

Drive Smarter Sales With CDK New Lot Intelligence

New Car Pricing, Stocking and Managing Made Simple

New Lot Intelligence is an innovative solution for managing New Car inventory, complete with pricing tools to help you integrate all applicable OEM incentives into your New Car pricing module. Simply click a button to syndicate to your various websites and your CDK DMS. If you are making stocking decisions with dealer trades or OEM orders without insights of three years of historical Sales data (pulled from the DMS) as well as the current market trends in your designated area, you could be compromising your potential profits.

  • Realize and apply applicable OEM incentives
  • Gain insights into your ordering and stocking – by model, trim and color
  • Manage your floor plan credit more effectively
  • View your competitor inventory (down to color and trim)
  • Predict your sales at the beginning of the month

We produce stocking recommendations (down to the trim and color) based on your dealerships inventory, historical data so you can make the best stocking decision for dealer trades or OEM purchases.

More than one location?

Multi-rooftop groups can benefit from enterprise reporting, which allows you to view a single store’s data or the entire group.

No longer will you have to spend hours tracking Excel spreadsheets to manage incentives, while juggling to recall your current stocking trends.



Pricing is one of the main criteria individuals search for when looking for a new car. Integrating the OEM incentives quickly to your dealership price will help give you an advantage over your competitors. New Lot Intelligence helps:

  • Calculate and syndicate OEM incentives with a click of a button
  • Price or reprice all or selected segments of your New Car inventory
  • Notifications alert you when incentives are expiring

Competitive Analysis