Sales Velocity and Sales Velocity Plus



CDK Sales Velocity lets customers start deals online and finish them at your dealership. It helps you use insights from your CDK website and DMS to provide a more personalized sales experience. And it frees you to engage customers from anywhere.

Improve Their Experience—And Your Profits


It’s more important than ever to make the buying process easier. You’ll get:


Break Free From the Sales Tower

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These features are available only with Sales Velocity Plus.

Elevate the Sales Process

Do Appraisals with Greater Transparency

When customers are involved in the appraisal process, they’re more likely to accept your trade offer. Now you can:

  • Know unit profitability to understand the cost-to-market ratio and the spread between acquisition and cost to retailing price point
  • Engage customers with greater transparency using mobile tools

Tools Include:

  • SmartDeal – Provides customers with sales presentations for in-stock vehicles
  • Express Appraisal – Uses intuitive tech to speed up the appraisal process
  • Online Appraisal – Lets customers start the process online and continue in-store
  • Customer Sales Presentations – Shows buyers how your prices compare to your competitors