Payroll Plus®

The Easy Payroll Solution

Payroll Plus® is a web-based payroll solution that can save you time through quick access to your payroll application and employee information.

Payroll management can be quite complex, and it appears to be getting more complicated as years go by. So, why get bogged down in the details? Payroll Plus takes the worry out of inaccurate tax calculations by handling all federal, state and local tax tables, reducing the potential for miscalculations and errors in employee net pay. With our Payroll Tax Services, we will calculate, deposit, e-file and reconcile your payroll taxes for you.

Make it easier to pay employees and analyze data

Paying employees is easy with Payroll Plus. We maintain all software releases and regulatory updates, so all you need to remember is your ID and password. We also give you the ability to pay your employees with a combination of printed checks, full service direct deposit, and debit cards.

This tool also helps to enhance employee communication. Secure online access to payroll statements allows employees easy access to view current and historical pay information, 24/7.

With Payroll Plus, you can:

  • Access reports online in a single location, including healthcare reform reports
  • Verify accuracy by previewing general ledger transactions before closing payroll
  • View reports online to dig deeper into vital information with drill-down reporting
  • Access and print reports online or export to Excel for simple, quick analysis

Payroll Plus makes it easy to pay your employees and year end is a breeze. Let us help you manage your payroll and simplify your process.