CDK Used Lot Intelligence – Used Car Appraisal Software


Complete Management of Your Used Car Inventory

CDK Used Lot Intelligence uses a scientific approach to help you price cars from your Used Car department, which can drive more profit. Plus now you can launch a vehicle directly to TradeRev‘s virtual auction platform.



CDK Used Lot Intelligence’s integration to TradeRev lets you instantly launch vehicles into a virtual auction — right from the palm of your hand!

What does this alliance mean to you? An Integrated workflow! CDK Dealers can launch vehicles to TradeRev and/or the ADESA auction systems directly from CDK Used Lot Intelligence.


Live Auction

Create your own Live Auction with your smartphone or desktop while your retail customer is still in the showroom. Receive instant, live bids within minutes of receiving the trade-in.


Simple Sales Tool

TradeRev helps you sell more cars - it gets you real numbers even before the retail deal is done. It gets your customer the value they want and helps you close the deal.


Fresh Trades First

Buyers know where to go to get the freshest trades long before they reach any traditional inventory channels. Auctions are efficient - only lasting for one hour! And with notifications sent via text, mobile or email, buyers never miss any action.


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CDK Used Lot Intelligence