Dealership Integrated Phone System


Voice Solutions to Keep You Connected

Our integrated phone systems allow your dealership to drive revenue through superior customer communications.

CDK Voice Connect

Gain a competitive edge with a single provider for your unified communications: Presence, IM, Voice, Video and Desktop Sharing.

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CDK NextPhone - Phone as a Service

With CDK NextPhone, dealers can easily implement a Phone as a Service model to shift phone purchases from a costly one-time purchase to a low monthly fee. Paired with CDK Voice Connect, our cloud-based phone system, dealers get everything they need – a smart, simplified solution per user, per device!

CDK Next Phone gives dealers greater flexibility and lower costs

  • Provides predictable monthly costs for greater stability and visibility
  • Lower initial costs by shifting phone purchases from a capital expenditure to an operating expense
  • Greater flexibility to deploy devices only as needed and as the dealership changes
  • Upgrade and leverage new technologies more easily

We manage technology to allow dealers to do what they do best!

Communication Insights

Call Connect

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Truck Dealers

Phone system options are also available for truck dealers. Click here to learn more.