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Your customers … their experiences … their expectations … it’s all changing. (But you know that!) We can help you make the best decisions for your business throughout your customer’s entire experience. Our latest advances create a seamless experience that starts online and ends up at your dealership.

Find out how you can increase sales, retention and profits with a live demo. Below are a few of our newest innovations:

  • CDK Drive and Drive XL: Our signature DMS that better manages your business with greater transparency, control and accountability
  • Connected Store: Creates a seamless purchase experience from your website to your CDK DMS, CRM and Desking
  • Websites: Features NEW designs and quick and easy updates — Gives customers a seamless experience from website to dealership
  • Digital Advertising: Turnkey solution synchronizes with OEM promotions, vehicle launches and other campaigns
  • CDK Fixed Ops Solutions (Appointment, Lane, Inspect): Increases Service department traffic — Increases customer pay labor — Improves customer experience — Enables Service writers to get out from behind the desk
  • Inventory: Manages new and used car inventory
  • Sales Velocity: Mobilizes workflow — Targets profitable customers — Offers payment choices — Optimizes the car-buying process
  • Ford SMARTT (Appointment, Mobile Write-up, Inspect): SMARTT Technology is a comprehensive digital solution that optimizes the service workflow, increases customer engagement, drives greater loyalty and accelerates business growth
  • Dealer Data Exchange (DDX): A single reporting solution providing visibility into data integrations and syndications with OEMs and third-party vendors

These are just a few of the many ways we’re evolving the automotive retail experience — learn more.