Finance Online

Generate More Finance Leads with Finance Online

Do you need more finance leads? Better yet, do you need more qualified finance leads? Then you need CDK’s Finance Online. Now your customers can visit your website, pick out a vehicle, and start the financing process right from the comfort of their homes. You’ll capture more customer information, generate more leads, and close more deals faster.
Finance Online walks your customers through a credit application and pre-approval process directly from your website. When a customer is pre-approved, the information is delivered to your finance department so you can follow up. Security isn’t a question either; CDK’s Finance Online features a highly secure environment to protect your customers’ information.

Close More Deals, Faster by Working wth Consumers who are Already Qualified

Instead of spending time with a consumer who may or may not qualify for a particular purchase, you can focus on qualified leads. With CDK’s Finance Online, you give your customers an easy, four-step credit and pre-approval process.
  1. Guide your customer through the credit process with Visual Presenter
  2. Capture customer information as they complete the Credit Application
  3. Transmit information quickly and securely with Credit Bureau Integration
  4. Follow up with customers with Pre-Approved notifications
Only CDK’s Finance Online lets you target credit buyers and close more deals faster with dealer-controlled pre-approval rules, real-time information, a highly secure environment, and integration with the credit bureaus and other CDK applications.