F&I Results – F&I Sales Training

Know What Goes On When the F&I Office Door Closes

As a dealer, you know the final F&I steps are vital to your gross profits. A slight increase of $20-$25 per transaction could make a huge impact on your bottom line.

Designed specifically for dealerships, F&I Results is an integrated training solution created to help your F&I department:

  • Increase product sales
  • Improve product penetration
  • Enhance your CSI score
  • Minimize your compliance risk
  • Grow your gross profits

Improve your training results

By reviewing actual conversations and situations, you can help keep your dealership in line with its compliance requirements, as well as help keep you in compliance with local, state and federal laws.

F&I Results is unlike other video training solutions which need to be turned on and off by the F&I Manager, allowing them to choose which customers they want to record. The integration of F&I Results with your CDK Dealer Management System (DMS) ensures you will capture every transaction for training purposes.

When deals go smoothly, everyone wins

You want to present every available F&I product to every customer, keeping sales and profitability up. You also know it is important to keep every customer presentation consistent, so items do not fall through the cracks and to ensure customer satisfaction. With F&I Results, we are making it possible to do all of that and more by providing you with a training solution that uses real-life examples, not textbook theory.

Perfecting the art of selling

Only Video Training offers you insight into what really happened on the deal. No longer will your F&I team work their compensation plan, they will perfect their art of selling by learning how to consistently overcome objections and know when and how to present the right options at the right time. Selling is an art; simply looking your F&I stats will not give you the insight you need to improve your employees.

Simply putting a camera in your F&I offices will not work—that is why we developed a full training solution, which includes:

  • Integration with your CDK DMS
  • A foolproof way to capture 100% of your F&I transactions
  • Comprehensive training programs for your dealership
  • A secure web-based portal to view your videos
  • Insightful reports on your employees results and trends

F&I Results was formally known as Intravision Technologies, LLC