Executive Eye | CDK Acquires Dashboard Dealership Enterprises

Better Business Intelligence


How much time do you spend on gathering data for reports? How much time are you spending creating reports? Executive Eye is cutting-edge business intelligence software that automates the data gathering and report creation process.

This data analytics and reporting tool provides a comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of your dealership’s accounting and operational performance. Executive Eye is customizable, flexible and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your dealer group.

Features and benefits


Enterprise Reporting
Easily view side-by-side performance reports from all your stores.

KPI Alerts
Filter out data “noise” and focus on important performance measurements.

12-Month Vendor Spend
Battle “expense creep.” See how much you’re spending—both at the store and enterprise level—with each vendor over a 12-month period.

Email Reports
Deliver reports as often as you want, in the format you want, highlighting just the information that you need.


Executive Eye lets you know about operational and accounting issues requiring your attention.

Drill down from enterprise- to dealership-focused reports, analysis and journal details. You also have access to a library of reports that have been custom-built by other Executive Eye users, so you don’t always have to build new reports from scratch.

CDK Global Acquires Dashboard Dealership Enterprises. "We are excited to bring the capabilities of Dashboard Dealership Enterprises to our customers," stated Brian MacDonald, CEO of CDK Global. Read More...