Document Management Signature Capture

Save Customer Signatures Electronically to Save Time, Reduce Costs

If you have ever realized a document or receipt is missing a signature—a potentially costly mistake—look no further than Document Management Signature Capture, the easy way to save customer signatures electronically.
Have your customers electronically sign invoices, receipts and work orders at the point of sale, then save the handwritten signature to your electronic filing cabinet. You will drastically reduce your paper handling costs, speed up check-out processes, and eliminate the need to print forms for traditional signatures.

Electronic Signatures Cut Delays in Your Parts and Service Processing

With Document Management Signature Capture, you can cut delays in your Parts and Service processing by having customers sign documents electronically. You’ll avoid printing copies that not only drive up your costs, but can get lost or misplaced.
  • Quickly and easily capture customers’ signatures electronically
    Save signatures to your archive
    Reduce paper storage and handling costs
    Speed up your Parts and Service processing by eliminating printed copies
    Avoid lost paperwork
  • Available for any area in your dealership to cut out delays
    Parts invoices can be signed electronically
    - Service work orders can be signed electronically
Only Document Management Signature Capture makes it easy to reduce paper handling costs and cut delays in your Parts and Service processing.