Document Management

Manage Your Documents More Effectively

Managing documents does not have to drain your dealership resources. Let our Document Management solutions be your single source for document scanning, storing and archiving.

CDK Document Cloud

A single source for all your document needs

CDK Document Cloud is more than an “electronic filing cabinet.” Our goal is focused on delivering outcomes for your dealership that increase revenue and efficiencies by reducing costs associated with paper documents, improving your customer experience and your brand, while reducing the risks associated with many of today’s automotive transactions.

Document Cloud eliminates the costly labor of copying, sorting, filing, cross-referencing, and re-filling associated with storing paper documents. It also eliminates other costs associated with paper documents such as: 3rd party vendor costs associated with scanning, deconstruction, shredding and disposal, storage costs both onsite and remote and transportation costs shuffling paper between stores. Learn More

Signature Capture

Electronically capture and archive your customer's signatures

If you have ever realized that a document or receipt is missing a signature after a customer left your dealership—a potentially costly mistake—look no further than Signature Capture, the easy way to save customers' signatures electronically.

Have your customers sign invoices, receipts and work orders on a digital pad at the point of sale, and save the handwritten signature to your electronic filing cabinet. You can drastically reduce your paper-handling costs, speed up check-out processes, and eliminate the need to print forms for traditional signatures.

Express Scanning

DS 6770 Scanner

Mass Storage

Reports Archiving