Spending Too Much Time Managing Too Many Vendors?
Stop Getting Left Behind.

When Alignment is Out of Whack

You lose time and money because your vendors don't always have the most up-to-date information.

When Information Isn't Leveraged

You miss opportunities to use critical data that informs how you reach the right customers.

When You Work with Us Instead

You'll get the most bang for your buck because of our comprehensive expertise in digital marketing solutions.



Unsure if you’re investing the right amount in the right places to reach the right customers?

Employ tactics that reach the most qualified buyers.

Our data-driven solutions target car buyers in the channels where they’re shopping — search, display, social and video. Our unique technology provides cross-channel budget optimization in real time, maximizing every advertising dollar spent.


Shoppers can’t calculate accurate payments on your website?

It’s not only doable — it’s the next big thing.

Eighty-six percent of shoppers say that they would choose a dealership with “Buy Online” features over a store without them. So give shoppers the tools that let them calculate accurate monthly lease and finance payments online. Your shoppers save time and build conviction in your dealership and inventory. You save time, get better leads, and deals get done. Fast.

* CDK Connected Store Shopper Study, March 2016


Stale website that’s not mobile friendly?

Get industry-leading designs that capture leads.

Our websites feature responsive designs, which ensure that your website content looks great on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones — so your dealership can always be front and center — no matter where your shoppers are.


Not showing up on page one of search results?

Go with a proven optimization strategy.

Stand out in your market and draw more qualified traffic to your website with an experienced SEO Specialist. Customized strategies align with your sales and marketing goals, incorporate off-site optimization, and get you noticed.


Not generating enough revenue from existing customers?

Put a solid marketing program in place.

Compared with traditional marketing methods, email marketing costs just pennies per message (or less) and is trackable to both sales and service revenue to email recipients based on transactions in your DMS. Along with a scalable solution that calculates ROI, CDK provides an Email Marketing Specialist to help ensure increased response rates and customer satisfaction.


Other vendors leaving you spinning?

Go with someone who’s always got your back.

One of the best parts about being a CDK Global customer is the support that you receive. But one type of service doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a variety of options, from quick changes to advanced consultative care.


Not getting the most from modern day word-of-mouth?

Turn good chatter into new sales.

You sell the cars. CDK Global helps sell you. Modern word-of-mouth marketing includes online reputation management and social media, turning your happiest customers into marketing gold.

Spend Less Time Managing Vendors And More Time Selling.

CDK can help point your group in the right direction. Contact your CDK representative today for more information.