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Dealer Support

Dealer Support

We know that when it comes to your dealership, time equals money. CDK Global is dedicated to your success and has a variety of options to ensure you receive the right support for your dealership. From the most advanced consultative care for your website, making quick changes and updates, to just basic technical help, count on CDK to help you get the most out of your digital marketing activities.

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Selling vehicles, you've got covered. But developing and continuously refining a digital website marketing strategy? That can be a different story. CDK ProCare provides you with a highly skilled, dedicated Account Advocate who consults with you to maximize your online presence. Among other things, your Advocate consults to develop website strategies, understand analytics and optimize your website. Your Advocate is your single point of contact — from ongoing coordination of your strategy across your team of experts, keeping you updated on key market and industry initiatives, to making many website changes in one to two days. These digital marketing geniuses are at your service and ready to help you succeed.


When speed is essential, CDK ExpressCare offers a skilled team of experts to provide only the help you request for your website, usually within two business days. From adding pages to your website and changing images, mastheads or colors, to providing a few quick tips to help you get the most from your website's content, we provide the help you want — fast and on your terms.


We take pride in providing our customers with great service. Each of our digital solutions is supported by our team of experts in CustomerCare. CDK CustomerCare helps you identify, diagnose, and resolve any technical issues that you encounter with your website and digital marketing tools. We also assist you with any questions regarding your CDK Digital Marketing solutions and services.

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