Sometimes You Need an App.

We’ll Tell You About Some Good Ones.

CDK Digital Partner Program

Accelerate Your Performance.

To maximize your website’s effectiveness, consider adding approved third-party applications, such as WheelsTV, ActivEngage, AutoHook and many more. We’ve made it easy for you to choose reputable vendors by vetting them for you and certifying their participation in the CDK Digital Partner Program.

Why CDK Global?

Because we’ve already vetted the partners, you can trust them and the quality of their applications. You also get a quick view of the partner’s key metrics in one central location, without needing to visit multiple partner websites. Reports include key metrics for each product, so you know the application’s effect on the shoppers’ experiences, engagement and conversion. Dragging and dropping applications onto your website saves time, and streamlined technical support keeps you up and running. Additionally, key performance indicators (KPIs) from each partner are integrated into the CDK Global dashboard of data and analytics.