Automation Optimizes

Our automated budget optimization system (BOS) does it better and faster.

Where should you put your Advertising Dollars?

Consumers spend 80 percent of their research time online, deciding what to buy and from whom to buy. So your advertising needs to reach car buyers in the right places throughout their journey. CDK Digital Advertising offers data-driven solutions that find the buyers.


Keep your budget aligned with your priorities. Get clarity and speed humans can't match.

Budget allocation and optimization is one place where automation consistently outperforms humans. When our competitors say that they optimize across channels, chances are they're doing it manually. It's not magic — their people, experts or a whole lot of interns can do it. But not as fast or as well as our automated BOS algorithmic technology. We stack rank your priorities, and the BOS takes it from there.

Unleash the power of data to find and target more likely buyers.

There are shoppers, and there are likely buyers. Our technology knows the difference. The CDK Customer Cloud tracks multiple databases — OEM websites, online research sites, your website and ad campaigns, the CDK Partner Network, even your CDK DMS — to create your likely buyer profile for hyperlocal targeting. We expand that market by identifying "look-alikes," people with similar profiles, and targeting them, too.

We grow your target while increasing the quality of your leads. And once we identify your likely buyers, we can bid more for them, moving your dealership or group ahead of the pack. With BOS's automated allocation, you can shift resources to do it. Yes, those magic words come true: Better performance for the same budget.