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CDK Digital Advertising Packages

Campaigns Aligned With Your Unique

Whether you're looking for co-op advertising that builds upon your manufacturer's promotions or advertising to differentiate your brand, CDK offers multichannel packages that address the specific needs of your dealership or dealer group. You'll notice a marked difference in performance with CDK. All of our multichannel solutions are supported by an expert Digital Advertising Strategist who aligns your campaigns with your goals. All ads reach today's mobile buyers and include our proprietary Budget Optimization System (BOS) to ensure that you get maximum ROI for each advertising dollar spent.

Why CDK Global?

Dealers using our advertising solutions see a 21 percent increase in website leads.* Our Budget Optimization System (BOS) is the first and only automotive-specific advertising technology that can move your budget across multiple channels in real time based on shopper engagement. No other network delivers the audience, reach or frequency.

*CDK Business Intelligence


Leverage your OEM's advertising investment

The Digital Advertising Package features agency-grade creative and promotes your focus models in paid search, display and premium retargeting channels. It automatically builds on your manufacturer's sales events, so you can attract more than your fair share of local brand intenders to your dealership.

PowerbrandAmplify your why

PowerBrand multichannel advertising takes your brand and "why buy" message and powerfully amplifies it across every major channel — paid search, display, premium retargeting and social. It's all about you: your offers, your special events, your profit centers. You pick the campaign — we'll develop custom creative. You pick your target audience — we'll find the buyers wherever and whenever they're online.

Drive High-Quality Traffic

Paid Search

Car buyers rely on paid search throughout their shopping journey. Through integrations with Google, Bing and Yahoo, CDK delivers highly targeted dealer ads to consumers throughout the purchase process. Your campaigns are optimized by our proprietary Budget Optimization System (BOS) in real time across all three engines to deliver maximum ROI. Plus, they're tailored to your dealership and designed to drive your business goals.

Premium Retargeting

An exit doesn't have to mean goodbye. CDK Retargeting keeps your brand in front of your visitors after they leave your website. Your ads will follow them wherever they go online, giving them a nudge to choose you. Plus, we'll reach your most valuable prospects when they're actively researching on auto portals such as Edmunds, CarGurus and Kelley Blue Book. Your ads feature the vehicles they viewed in your inventory, increasing conversion by four times.

Video Advertising

Online video advertising allows dealers to combine the measurement and ad tracking of digital advertising with the visual storytelling power that they get with TV. Our offering includes multiple calls to action, click-through to dealer's inventory, premium placements on the AOL One network, and a creative layer tailored for each dealership.

Display Advertising

CDK Display Advertising combines the power of our agency-grade creative with data-driven targeting to attract new customers to your website and dealership. Our display ads deliver high levels of targeted reach through the CDK network of publishers and advertising exchanges, connecting you with local in-market buyers.

Social Advertising

On average, individuals spend 20 percent of their daily mobile minutes on Facebook and Instagram. With 71 percent of car buyers using a mobile device during the purchase process, Facebook and Instagram are extremely effective at reaching today's mobile buyers.* Our solution helps you attract new customers, retain your best prospects, and drive repeat purchases from current customers. We'll find more new customers who look like the people who buy from you today. We'll target your website visitors with dynamic inventory ads. And we'll target your owners who are likely to be in the market for a new vehicle. We deliver better performance through data-driven audience targeting and by optimizing for likely buyers.

*Stat source: "Under the Hood: Mobile-First Auto Consumers" — January, 2016