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Digital Agency Services for Dealer Groups from CDK Global.

You're running a business of businesses. How do you first reach, then connect shoppers across all your stores? By being just as smart online as your best salesperson is in store.


Connect with more shoppers.

By using responsive designs and dealer group-focused functionality, CDK Websites deliver the best possible online experience for your shoppers and showcase your unique brand.


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Mobile-First Responsive Design

Mobile-First Responsive Design

Every page on your website will look fantastic on any device your shoppers use. Choose from a broad range of modern site designs, and easily customize and update them to keep pace with your dealership branding and marketing strategy.

Efficient Execution

Efficient Execution

Editing tools designed specifically for dealer groups allow you to create content from one central location and push it to all your CDK Websites — saving you time.

Portal Websites

Portal Websites

Keep shoppers engaged and looking solely at your dealer group when they cross-shop brands. Maximize your digital advertising investment and connect with more shoppers at just the right time.

SEO Advantage

SEO Advantage

Built on a foundation of structured content and designed to provide fast page load times, your site is easily read by search engines such as Google, so your group shows up in search results.

Dynamic Personalization

Dynamic Personalization

CDK Websites automatically present shoppers with the information they're looking for on your website based on their shopping history — driving more engagement and directly connecting your shoppers with the information they want.

People Power

Clients love us because of our people. Behind our Dealer Group Agency, Digital Advertising and Earned Media solutions is a team of dedicated digital experts who provide cutting-edge strategy and execution.

Agency Partnership

Don't go it alone. Maximize your digital strategy.

Need help making quick changes to your website? Want to talk nitty-gritty details about analytics and optimization? Anything goes. We help you get the most out of your digital marketing investment.


Marketing Strategist

Your Consultant champions your group's success across all your CDK solutions — helping develop your group's digital marketing strategy, sharpening your competitive edge, and aligning your brand across all of your rooftops.

Dealer Group Advocate

Want to talk about maximizing your strategy? Or learn the latest trends in digital marketing? Your dedicated Advocate is a digital marketing expert who proactively partners with each store in your group.

Agency Creative

Our skilled designers showcase your unique dealer group brand and create custom digital content and assets, aligning your brand's digital presence and reaching your targeted audiences.

Dealer Group Technical Support

Our experts understand the needs of dealer groups and can help solve your technical questions quickly. Work with a small team of Technical Advisors that is familiar with your unique dealer group business.

Digital Advertising

Control a buyer's path to purchase.

Our full-service packages give you choice and flexibility across all aspects of digital advertising.

Find Potential Buyers Everywhere

Target highly qualified in-market vehicle shoppers through our extensive partner network of leading automotive sites — which means that your budget goes further.

Maximize Your Investment

Our proprietary optimization system accelerates your cross-channel strategy by shifting your budget to the channels that drive traffic and produce results that matter.

Partner with an Expert

Dedicated certified Digital Advertising Analysts provide individualized support, marketing and strategy expertise that fit your specific brands and business goals.

Earned Media

Get dealer group exposure that pays off — literally.

Earned media is an often overlooked aspect of marketing but one that is essential to your success. SEO, social shares and mentions, online reviews and word-of-mouth are all influential factors in a shopper's buying cycle.


Working with a team of highly skilled specialists, we build customized strategies that highlight your key profit centers and get you noticed by search engines — which means that shoppers notice you. With great SEO technology and services, dealers who use our SEO expertise typically see a 19 percent increase in phone traffic and a 16 percent increase in website leads.

Social Media Management

We bring you the technology and tactics to build your brand image socially and connect with current customers and prospects. Use our time-saving tools to help you create social content, or let us do the work for you with white-glove personalized service.

Reputation Management

How your customers feel about your group over time — and what they say to others about it — directly affect your bottom line. Dealers with 4+ stars on Google sell 26 percent more vehicles than stores with 3.5 or fewer stars. We put you in the driver's seat with a dashboard that allows you to monitor, manage and market your group's brand.

Online Retailing

Bring the selling power of your showroom to your dealer group portal.

Today's shoppers expect an auto shopping experience that makes it easy to find the perfect vehicle and tells them what it will cost. So get ahead of them by stepping into the future — right now.

Speed Up Sales

Display lease and finance payment info on your portal website, so shoppers can make faster purchasing decisions.

Increase CSI

Build trust in your brand and customer satisfaction by providing shoppers with the same quote in store that they saw online.

Sell Even More

Use the data that your shoppers provide online and turn website leads into sales. In fact, CDK online retailing shoppers perform 2.4 times more inventory searches, return to dealer sites twice as often, and spend an average of over seven minutes in the online store.

Customer Cloud

Shopper data as a competitive advantage? Look to the cloud.

Shopper data comes from all over the place. It's gathered when they're on your websites, your competitors' and third-party sites, by clicking your ads and more. We collect and store that data in your very own Customer Cloud, which gives you insight, so you can take action.

What does it do for you?

  • Automatically personalizes all your websites to show your shoppers only what's relevant to them
  • Targets ads that reach your best prospects and owners
  • Switches ads from a sales to a service message when shoppers become buyers
  • Connects shoppers' digital and in-store experiences to drive more sales

Facing challenges?

Your job's not easy. We can help.

Coordinating digital marketing activities across a business of businesses? Yeah, that's hard. Here are three ways you can simplify your tasks and get the most out of working with a digital partner:

Spending Too Much Time Managing Too Many Vendors?

Stop getting left behind

Let's Go

Online Shoppers Want a Tailored Experience

Five ways to deliver using data

Get Them Here

Shoppers Have Wandering Eyes

Keep them focused on your group with an online portal

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