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This is digital advertising powered by CDK Global.

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Introducing our
Three New Packages

Make the most of your ad budget with flexible, transparent packages. Showcase your brand and set yourself apart from the competition with agency-grade creative. Target ready-to-buy shoppers using true cross-channel solutions, optimized in real time. Plus, know that you always have a certified support team at every turn.


Drive traffic with ready-to-use OEM creative and targeting that hits the mark. With CDK, you jump right in with ads that can be turned on quickly across search and display networks.

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Step it up by adding your specific branding and messaging to Gold. And take on channels like Facebook and model-specific strategies. Retarget shoppers using real lease and finance payments with Connected Ads*.

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Get your message out beyond Gold and Platinum with everything CDK has to offer — like video pre-roll and streaming audio ads on Pandora.

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Find Your Fit

Your sales are out there — but they're not going to wait forever. Take a few minutes to answer four questions and figure out which package best meets your needs.

Discover Your Plan

What kind of creative materials do you need?

Give me reliable messaging and branding from the manufacturer.

Standing out from the competition means mixing it up online with my brand and messaging plus manufacturer materials.

What is your online advertising strategy?

I keep it simple by highlighting all the New and Used vehicles on my lot.

My dealership doesn't stop at New/Used — bring on the custom capabilities and the focus on specific models.

What level of support would you like to have?

I have the occasional question. Set me up with flexible support from a certified advertising analyst.

I like building strong relationships. Give me a dedicated analyst for strategy support every time.

This is a core partnership. And that takes a dedicated expert every time, plus additional consultation to help me better understand my business in the online marketplace.

What types of channels are important to your digital advertising strategy?

Just the classics — paid search and retargeting on mobile and desktop.

Modernize up — paid search and mobile, as well as retargeting, premium display, and Facebook advertising on mobile and desktop.

All the channels — paid search and mobile. Retargeting, premium display, and Facebook advertising on mobile and desktop. Plus, video pre-roll and Pandora audio ads.

Drill down to the details

We know you want to know the nitty gritty — and here it is. Our transparent, flat-fee packages help you reach buyers on thousands of websites, social media, apps, and online searches — across every device.

Gold Auto Dealer Digital Advertising Package

Get your campaigns up and running quickly with ready-to-use creative.

Match the right vehicle to the right shopper using new and used vechicle strategies.

Find customers where they're shopping online with desktop and mobile paid search, behavioral targeting, and retargeting across thousands of sites.

Ensure your success by receiving the support you need from a team of certified analysts.

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Get Gold and more. Set yourself apart from the competition with your creative and custom strategies.

Step up your brand's visibility with mobile and desktop premium auto site advertising.

Retarget shoppers using real lease and finance payments with Connected Ads.*

Team with a CDK Digital Advertising Analyst (DAA), a trusted adviser expert in your market and dedicated every step of the way to your dealership's performance.

Magnify your social footprint by leveraging our industry-leading Facebook ads to connect with millions of users.

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Platinum Auto Dealer Advertising Package
Diamond Auto Dealer Advertising Package

Get your message out beyond Gold and Platinum with everything CDK has to offer. Extend your TV and radio advertising to video pre-roll and Pandora audio advertising.

Tell your story. Get as specific as you want with creative that matches your brand.

Get ahead of specific business challenges and predict local market conditions by accelerating your dedicated CDK Digital Advertising Analyst benefit.

Make your presence known online with more banner sets every month to advertise your dealership.

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Car buyers are 71%

More likely to be
influenced by digital advertising
than the general population


Connecting with online shoppers is a different game.

Learn how to win

Lots to choose from

From soup to nuts, our digital ad solutions are designed to meet your needs and goals, no matter your business size.




Ready-to-use creative
Dealer name and model keyword search
Custom search and display campaigns
Connected Ads
(Connected Store required)
Custom ad sets aligned to brand-friendly IAB units across desktop and mobile
New and used vehicle-based strategies
Dealer custom strategies (conquesting, dealer events)
Model-specific focus (new year launch, year-end sell)
Support from our Certified Analysts
Dedicated Digital Advertising Analyst (DAA)
Quarterly advanced consultation
Desktop and mobile paid search
Behavioral targeting
Retargeting across thousands of sites
Premium auto site advertising
Facebook advertising (leveraging dealership data)
Video pre-roll
Pandora audio advertising

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