Digital Contracting – Featuring eSign



Save Time in the F&I Office

Giving your customers the ability to see and digitally sign the document they are viewing is a game changer.

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Digital Contracting is the F&I solution for dealers who want to minimize data inaccuracies and printing delays, plus save time and money. This time-saving solution offers a computerized deal process that automatically groups the forms and creates a Digital Deal Jacket that is instantly archived for easy storage and future access.

What would it mean for your deal management speed, efficiency and profitability if you could:


To help you meet these goals, thousands of digital forms are also available in our eForms Library.

F&I LaserStation® gives your F&I Manager more customer face time

With F&I LaserStation, a key component of Digital Contracting, your F&I department will produce professional-looking documents with the speed and ease-of-use delivered by laser printing. This means your customers will spend less time in your F&I office, and your F&I Manager can spend more valuable face time selling instead of reprinting misaligned forms and reproducing forms rejected by your lenders.

Speed up your F&I Sales process with Digital Deal Jacket and Automatic Archiving

Only CDK offers this comprehensive electronic solution for the management of your F&I documents. Electronic F&I documents and the Digital Deal Jacket can help your CSI scores and give you opportunities to up-sell your customer.