CDK P20 Online Composite

Benchmark Your Financial Performance for Improved
Decision Making.

CDK P20 Online Composite is an online, interactive software
application that empowers your dealership with information
you can use to uncover new insight.

P20 provides a detailed analysis of your financial data – all with drill-down navigation and a detailed analysis of historical trends. This gives you the flexibility to select dealerships, group averages or top 20% performers. P20 gives you the ability to easily compare financial statement information and profitability between your locations and franchises – as well as against regional benchmarks, national or industry averages – side by side.

Make better enterprise-wide financial decisions by having the right information at your fingertips

Say “goodbye” to unnecessary paperwork. P20 is an enhanced web-based version of the paper composite used in Performance 20 Group meetings today. This replaces your current paper-based 20 Group composite in off-meeting cycles. Graphical, operational and departmental overviews highlight success factors and outline opportunities. Customers are also able to download to Excel.

Key Features

  • Clear, concise and detailed analysis of financial data
  • Web-based access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Easy drill-down navigation and detailed historical trend analysis
  • Flexibility to select dealerships or averages
  • Easy Excel downloads
  • Graphical, operational and departmental overviews that highlight success factors and outline opportunities
  • Detailed line-item comparisons that help you increase productivity and make better, more informed decisions