OEM Programs

Customized Dealer Programs. Delivered.

CDK Global has a long history of working hand in hand with
manufacturers to design innovative solutions with your dealers’
needs in mind. Discover what we can do for you.

CDK Digital Marketing

It’s one thing to market vehicles online,
but it’s another to create a digital marketing
experience that drives profits for your dealer
network and aligns to your strategy. CDK
Global helps you identify obstacles and
achieve results.

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Business Development

By implementing a network-wide program
to improve business development,
manufacturers can help dealers build
more predictable sales performance.
CDK Consulting utilizes best-in-class
tools and employs a large team of
subject matter experts to help dealers
adopt a business development culture.

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Specialized Services

Looking for a powerful way to help
address key dealer challenges and
boost performance? Look no further
than OEM-sponsored CDK Consulting
programs. We’re ready to support you
in every area of the dealership.

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