CDK Performance 20 Groups

Profitability, Opportunity
and Performance.

To best position your dealership in the marketplace, you need to know what works. One of the best sources of information is your fellow dealers.

As one of North America’s leading 20 Group providers since 1974, we have the
right capabilities to help our customers maximize profitability across their entire enterprise. Our Performance 20 Groups, leading-edge performance tools, training programs and consulting services are specifiically designed for dealers who want to stay one step ahead of the
competition and on the road to sustained business growth.

Performance 20 Group meetings are comprised of dealer principals and managers from noncompeting dealerships who are willing to talk about each other’s operations in detail.
As a participant, you’ll have access to valuable advice and learn from the experiences
of like-minded business owners. At each meeting, you’ll be able to share best practices
and apply them to any area of your operation.

Performance 20 Group benefits

  • Receive the industry’s most comprehensive financial composites
  • Be the first to hear about the latest trends
  • Benchmark your dealership against other group members’ dealerships

Performance 20 Group objectives

  • Higher profit
  • Greater employee productivity
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Practical solutions to dealership problem areas
  • Concrete financial objectives
  • Greater accountability in every area of your operation