CDK Performance Workshops

Take Performance to the
Next Level.

CDK Consulting Performance Workshops use a 20-group meeting approach to enable a multistore dealer group to focus on improving dealership profitability across all stores (minimum of four rooftops). Audiences include key stakeholders — dealer principals, general managers and department managers. Each workshop is designed to help dealer groups improve efficiency and profitability across all stores.

Performance Workshop goals

  • Achieve higher profits
  • Experience improved sales, asset management and employee productivity
  • Develop monthly financial objectives and be held accountable for results
  • Gather practical solutions to dealership problem areas and share best practices
  • Gain heightened customer satisfaction levels

Workshop features and benefits

  • Data-driven approach — ability to zero in on key performance indicators (KPIs), industry benchmarks and top 20 percent averages
  • Agenda-setting process with designated group chairperson (dealer, GM or CFO)
  • Participants are encouraged to discuss each other’s operations in detail — giving one another access to valuable advice
  • Event Coordinator available to plan Performance Workshop meetings on behalf of the dealer group
  • Access to the Business Optimization University (BOU®) library of online courses