CDK Business Development Center (BDC®)

Maximize Your Dealership’s

The need for an appointment-based model to drive predictable sales is a necessity in today’s market. CDK Consulting utilizes best-in-class tools and employs a large team of subject matter experts to grow your business.

More and more customers are utilizing “click to call” on their smartphones, visiting fewer stores and making faster decisions. The result: dealerships are becoming more vulnerable unless they excel on the first point of contact and beyond. With our BDC® offering, you’ll have the tools needed to effectively grow your business in sales, service and parts. So how does it work?

CDK Consulting helps your dealership adopt a proven BDC culture model with a variety of unique approaches to align with any dealership’s size, resources and vision for sales growth. Our comprehensive solution will leverage people and best practice processes while enabling technology to maximize opportunities for your store.