About Us

World-Class Consulting.
Real-World Partnership.

What we do

Whether it is finding more prospects, managing lead opportunities,
following up on unsold prospects, or owner retention in the Sales
and Service departments, CDK Consulting optimizes dealership
performance through strategy, process efficiency and technology
utilization. We provide leadership to our customers to build
capabilities and drive success through our expertise, metrics,
benchmarking and industry best practices.

Our Mission

CDK Consulting drives measured outcomes through strategy, process
efficiency and technology utilization.

Leading Change

CDK Consulting works with the industry's strongest and growth-oriented partners. This exposure places us in a unique and unparalleled position to enable your business.

  • We partner with you to realize your aspirations
  • We have an unrelenting drive for excellence, value and results
  • We have a fighting spirit to solve problems
  • We make data-driven decisions

CDK Consulting is your partner to help your organization excel in today's
automotive climate. Discover what we can do for your dealership.

Meet our Featured Team Members

John Germani


John joined Performance Solutions in
2003 as a member of our Information
Technology team. Over the next nine
years, he worked as a Programmer,
Database Developer, Web Developer,
Team Lead and Project Manager.

John can be contacted at
john.germani@cdk.com or

Clark Crawford


For the past 22 years, Clark has
worked for CDK Global Performance
Solutions as a Moderator and
Consultant. He has been heavily
involved in the General Motors
Minority program as well as group
moderating and in-house consulting.

Clark can be contacted at
or 571.220.0462.

Ian Daniels


Ian Daniels is a veteran of the
automotive industry in Canada for
over 30 years. Ian facilitates
workshops for dealership managers
and staff as well as manufacturer field
staff on behalf of several OEMs in

Ian can be contacted at
ian.daniels@cdk.com or

Robert Schwartz


Bob started working with CDK Global
Performance Solutions in 1984 as a
Group Facilitator. He conducted
factory-training sessions, wrote
proposals soliciting new business,
and provided on-site training sessions
designed to maximize storewide profit

Bob can be contacted at
bob.schwartz@cdk.com or

Herb Armour


Herb has been in the automotive
industry for 30 years. He has
developed and delivered automotive
training seminars covering topics
such as customer service, sales,
customer retention, parts inventory
management, and telephone handling
skills as well as financial, retail and
human resources management.

Herb can be contacted at
herb.armour@cdk.com or

Rick James


Rick has a BSBA in finance from the
University of Missouri, Columbia. He
entered the automobile business 25
years ago where he held positions as
New/Used Car Sales Manager,
General Sales Manager and General

Rick can be contacted at
rick.james@cdk.com or