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CDK Connected Store

86% of shoppers prefer a dealer that offers Connected Store capabilities. Learn more about what Online Retailing can do for you and your customers.

Source: CDK Business Intelligence

From Kitchen Counter To Sales Counter.

CDK Connected Store is eCommerce built specifically for auto dealers. It puts the modern online retailing tools that customers want right on your website — tools that provide transparency, build trust and enable you to start selling cars online.

Shoppers can browse by lease or finance payments on your website, build a complete and accurate quote online, send it to the dealership and then pick up the nearly complete buying process in your store. Your customer saves time and builds conviction in that vehicle and your dealership.

Why CDK Global?

Accuracy. CDK Connected Store uses the same quoting and lending tools that CDK Desking does to pencil a deal, including rates, taxes and manufacturer incentives. That’s how we provide the most accurate quotes that match online and in store. This consistency removes a barrier to closing and improves your shoppers’ trust in your dealership. After shoppers structure a deal, their leads feed directly into your front office tools, so you never have to log in to multiple platforms or enter data twice.


A beautiful new user interface slides in over the window or the application that the user or shopper was just in. It can overlay a Vehicle Search Results Page, a CRM application, a tablet application and more.


The payment breakdown window provides a clear and detailed breakdown of the shopper`s quote including price, incentives, lender information, taxes and fees.


Dealers can add F&I products and accessories to the Payment Builder section of Connected Store. Information includes product names, descriptions, photos and links to catalogs and videos.



Payments are a beautiful thing — and they drive shoppers to purchase. But payments can be complicated and they differ from person to person. CDK Connected Store places lease and finance payments right on your website, so shoppers know the real-life lease or finance options they can get from your store.

Front Office Integration

CDK Customer Relationship Management (CRM) gives you the tools you need to manage leads and turn them into sales. After your shopper structures a deal in CDK Connected Store, the information that they submit feeds directly into other CDK solutions, such as CDK Credit, Desking and CRM, as well as third-party CRM systems. Data flows between CDK solutions quickly and seamlessly, which means that you don’t lose customer information along the way or need to log in to multiple platforms. The result: a faster and more accurate customer experience.