Computerized Vehicle Registration (CVR®)

Save Customers Time and Increase CSI

Now, you can automatically register your customers’ new vehicles with the DMV when you use Computerized Vehicle Registration (CVR®).

Instead of mailing paperwork, then having your customers return in a few weeks to pick up their plates, registration and decals, they can drive off the lot with a completely registered vehicle. Happy customers means better CSI.

CVR connects your dealership with the DMV using a secure and reliable high-speed connection. When you access the DMV, you can automatically register vehicles, transfer funds and check records for trade-ins. You can avoid the ‘blank checks’ normally issued for title and registration and recover the processing costs involved in these transactions. This type of integration is only available with CVR.

Experience a faster, more accurate registration process

CVR helps you automate the title and registration process, save time for both you and your customers, and reduces conventional, time-consuming paperwork.

Our easy-to-use CVR system lets you:

  • Register vehicles and transfer funds automatically
  • Pull data from your Dealer Management System (DMS), helping eliminate rekeying and reducing costly errors on titles, fee calculations and incorrect registrations
  • Check DMV records on trade-ins for liens, ownership validation and registration stops
  • Save your customers time and a second trip to the dealership or the DMV to pick up plates, decals and registrations

CVR is available in 24 states and works with your CDK DMS or with a Reynolds and Reynolds system. CDK will provide all the training and support you need to implement a faster, easier registration process.

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