Run Your Business at the Speed of Success

You’re constantly on the move. If you’re not greeting customers at the front door, you’re working in the back office or hitting the pavement out on the lot. So, you need a Dealer Management System (DMS) that can keep up with your relentless everyday pace.

Enter CDK DASHSM – an easy-to-use suite of applications and services designed for dealers looking for a low cost, yet effective DMS.

Be where your customers need you

From Sales to Service, and Inventory to Accounting, CDK DASH helps you get the job done from virtually anywhere your customers need you. Mobile capability, user-friendly dashboards and a suite of optional productivity enhancing add-ons help you move through your dealership, oversee all departments, and customize the system to fit your specific needs.

CDK DASH solutions

  • Core applications to run your business effectively
  • CDK DASH Productivity Enhancement solutions
  • Supplemental applications to customize your system to meet your specific needs

Flexible package options

CDK DASH allows you to choose the core applications you need now, with the option to add more as your business needs evolve. That’s what makes CDK DASH so unique—it’s a fully customizable solution with the staying power to grow with your dealership.

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