CDK Credit Services

There’s a lot that goes into getting a deal funded, but it starts with consumer credit. Our easy-to-use solutions can help speed up your Sales cycle.

CDK Credit

Drop the notion of juggling multiple systems just to complete a single deal. CDK Credit speeds up your entire credit process, giving your customers the buying experience they desire.

Credit Application Integration

Tired of hearing your customers complain about how long it takes to buy a car? Now, you can speed up your credit process with Credit Application Integration.

CDK Credit & Compliance Tools

Completing all the tasks in a vehicle transaction, every time can be challenging. Let us track, monitor and report on your deals to keep compliance in check.

Risk-Based Pricing

Risk-Based Pricing is here. Consumers want more information on their credit scores, and with new rules, you need to be kept in the loop.

Credit Check

We run 15.7 million credit checks through bureaus each year. Checking customers’ credit is at the heart of every deal, so keep it fast and easy.

Red Flag

In a perfect world, there would not be fraud—but things aren't perfect. Red Flag helps reduce the risk and liability of identity theft and fraud.