CDK Credit & Compliance Tools

Streamline Credit and Compliance in Your F&I Workflow

Keeping track of the many tasks involved in today's vehicle transactions can be time-consuming.

CDK Credit & Compliance Tools is embedded within your workflow to simplify, control and track the timely completion of required tasks—helping to minimize risk, support cashable contracts, and offer a streamlined, secure consumer experience. The cost of non-compliance and missed steps is something dealers cannot afford, as the penalties are significant.

This robust credit and compliance solution offers:


Fair Lending

Dealers struggle to adopt and implement a consistent approach to fair lending, due to its complexity. Our Fair Lending solution integrates with the Compliance Score Card and provides the needed accuracy and consistency across your enterprise. Fair Lending helps you:

  • Establish a standard dealer participation rate
  • Document deviations
  • Track deal compliance activity

Fair Lending

Adverse Action

Integrated with the CDK Dealer Management System, Adverse Action knows who actually purchased a car from your dealership. This allows you to only send letters to those individuals who should receive one. Our Adverse Action solution:

  • Automatically identifies appropriate customers
  • Prepares Adverse Action letters
  • Gives you a centralized approach for execution
  • Sends the letters for you or provides optional third-party letter fulfillment (printing, stuffing, mailing)

CDK Credit & Compliance Tools can help your F&I department

  • Smooth process – Eliminate “patchwork” solutions from multiple providers
  • Unique features – Deliver information on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Accountability and integration – Provide real-time status of compliance tasks
  • Embedded, consistent workflows – Improve your adverse action selection criteria, adverse action mailing, and tracking of cash deals
  • Simple and consistent – Simplify training with a consistent look and feel across all stores in a dealer group

Advantages for a General Manager:

  • Control and execution – Easily set up the deal compliance tasks your dealership will track
  • Auditing – Know, at a glance, how many of your actual F&I deals complied with your policies
  • Accountability and simplicity – Drill down into your gaps to find which transactions or F&I Managers are not following your policies

Advantages for an F&I Manager:

  • Comprehensive information, at a glance – When working a deal, instantly view which tasks are complete and which tasks are open
  • Routine – Have a consistent method to log how exceptions were cleared
  • Speed and simplicity – Get one-touch access to run any missing transactions