Cash Management


Strengthen Your Automotive Dealership's Payment Processing

Emerging trends, customer expectations and challenges impacting dealership profitability are just a few examples of why dealers today are searching for a better cash management solution.

By transforming your traditional receivables and payables processes, you can increase revenue, reduce credit card processing fees, better control risk and even begin generating cash back rebates.

CDK ePayments (Receivables)

Deliver an improved customer experience by offering online payments

CDK ePayments* can help turn your dealership’s retail payments workflow into a crowd pleaser. Create a frictionless buying experience for your customers by implementing a mobile-driven, self-service payment solution.

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*CDK ePayments requires your purchase of CenPOS cash management solution. CDK ePayments only provides integration of your CDK system to CenPOS and is not a standalone payment solution. CenPOS is not a CDK company.

AP Automation (Payables)