CDK Global Partner Program

CDK Managed Data Services

You Manage Your Business. We’ll Manage Your Data.

CDK monitors your data 24/7, then turns it into a business-ready product that helps you achieve your financial goals.

With so many data sources to pull together, it can be difficult to manage — and organize — it in a way that helps you make smart business decisions. Fortunately, CDK Managed Data Services is here to make it easy.

Our team combines different data sets from multiple sources into single, usable data set files, reducing duplicated information. Then we deliver consistent, standardized, business-ready data. We also monitor your data feeds 24 hours a day, seven days a week and quickly troubleshoot data flow issues to provide you with reliability that you can count on.


Our Managed Data Services team consists of developers and support personnel with a broad range of experience in managing automotive data.


We handle 1–2 terabytes of DMS data daily for our clients. We also manage approximately 20,000 DMS connections per day and run more than 250,000 load-and-clean jobs daily.


We operate an enterprise data infrastructure that is capable of storing and processing terabytes of data with up to 99.9 percent availability and 99.999 percent reliability.