CDK Global Partner Program

CDK Service Management

Leading-edge Integration, at Your Service

Are you a third party providing vehicle service-related applications to dealerships? CDK is here to help with multiple integration products.

The 40+ Vehicle Management partners in our Partner Program utilize our Service Management offering to access the data they need, including:

  • Service reminders
  • Service analytics
  • Service scheduling
  • Service check-in
  • RO status notification

Service Management integration provides online service appointment and writeback appointment information to Dealer Management Systems. This helps support scheduling and consumer lane interaction.


  • Open repair order information
    Provides data on parts used and service provided during the repair order

  • Closed repair order information
    Supports the ability to generate consumer satisfaction surveys on the service experience

  • Data access
    Available options include data extraction and service appointment writeback


CDK provides bidirectional integration through predefined writeback packages. Our standard offering in the Service Management area is the Service Appointment Writeback Package, which includes the following:

  • On-demand extract of the following data types: service appointments, service customers, service vehicles and repair orders (open and closed)
  • Writeback of service customers, service vehicles and service appointments

For access to product documentation, including full field lists and data delivery specifications, please contact