5 May 2020

A message from Brian Krzanich - Connected Store is now FREE

May 5, 2020

To our customers:

I hope this message finds you safe and in good health. Many of us are still facing shelter-in-place restrictions across the U.S., which, unfortunately, is keeping the lights in your showrooms off. Together, we are struggling with the idea that the long-term impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is unknown. I can relate to the pressures each of you feel, as the mounting uncertainty weighs heavily on all of us.

While much remains to be seen, we do know that the car buying process has been evolving long before this virus began to disrupt our lives and work. There is no doubt that consumer behaviors have significantly shifted. Today’s buyers have set clear expectations that they will regularly make large- and small–scale purchases through personalized experiences online. While these behaviors have gained popularity over time, the demand for the conveniences realized through digital retailing has been magnified as a result of this crisis.

We understand how important it is for you to create great experiences and build important connections with your customers based on trust and transparency. We believe that CDK has a responsibility to help you achieve that. So, we’d like to make it a little easier for you to continue doing just that during this difficult time. Beginning today, and through December 2021, we are pleased to be able to offer you our award-winning online retailing solution, Connected Store for free*.

What does this offer include?

  1. CDK DMS customers will receive the Connected Store Gold Package which includes Payment Calculator, Connected Store data and integration, base trade tools, and hard credit pulls integration.
  2. Elead customers will receive the Connected Store Gold Package plus DealBuilder Gold (which consists of everything listed above plus the DealBuilder Showroom Experience App), allowing for a transparent transition from online to the showroom. The integrated suite facilitates a faster, smoother buying experience while building trust with your consumers offering penny-perfect calculations. Where Connected Store is part of an Elead CRM bundle, we’ll make a pro-rata reduction of the price for the bundle.

If you are a current Connected Store subscriber with CDK, this benefit requires no action on your part, though there are important qualifying terms, exclusions and restrictions listed below*. Your bill will automatically be adjusted (beginning with your next invoice) to remove the Connected Store fee through December 2021.

If you are not currently subscribed to Connected Store, but are interested in learning more about this tool, please contact your sales representative (and please see important program qualifying terms, exclusions and restrictions below*).

Additionally, we will offer webinars to share information about how Connected Store and DealBuilder can help.

While the road ahead may seem rough, I remain optimistic, as we have recently pivoted our attention to begin a slow and safe return of our people to our offices across the globe. We have already successfully opened a few offices, and we expect several more to reopen this month. We believe this is a great sign that recovery may be near.

Times like these require partners that will stick with you, pick you up, and carry you over the obstacles and into the future. Thank you for putting your trust in CDK. We want you to know that we are still here for you today, tomorrow, and each day that follows.

Stay Well,

Brian Krzanich
President and Chief Executive Officer
CDK Global, Inc.

Important Qualifying Terms, Exclusions and Restrictions:

  • Subject to the OEM program caveat below, this offer applies to Connected Store as a stand-alone product or as part of an Elead CRM package that is provided directly by CDK to subscribing CDK DMS and Elead customers. Where Connected Store is provided to current subscribers as part of an Elead CRM package, the amount of the pro-rata price reduction shall be as determined by CDK.
  • Where Connected Store is provided through an OEM program, CDK will be reaching out to those OEMs (or their third party OEM program managers) about making this offer available through those programs. If you have any questions about whether this exclusion applies to your dealership, please contact your CDK representative.
  • This offer applies only to Connected Store and does not apply to fees relating to credit reporting services, eContracting solutions, or integration with F&I products and services or other third party products and services.
  • This offer applies to customers that are and remain current with their CDK account.