14 February 2020

Fortellis Accelerates Innovation to Transform Automotive Retail Industry

Platform expands its network to broaden its ecosystem

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – February 14, 2020 - The Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange platform, the world’s first open, agnostic platform for the development and marketing of automotive application programming interfaces (APIs) and solutions, is taking bold new steps in its evolution. Fortellis, brought to the industry by CDK Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDK), a leading retail automotive technology company, is an ecosystem for the automotive retail industry that builds solutions to improve workflows and business processes for dealerships of any size.

Since its inception in 2018, development of the Fortellis platform has focused on three initiatives: Strengthening the governance structure that ensures its success as an open and agnostic platform; creating an innovative ecosystem that fosters API development; and expanding the number of APIs available on the platform that streamline the car buyer’s experience.

Strengthening the Voice of the Industry with Fortellis Advisory Board

To fulfill its commitment as an agnostic ecosystem, Fortellis has established an Advisory Board consisting of automotive association members, dealers, OEMs and players in the technology field.

The Advisory Board will serve as the voice of the industry to help Fortellis identify trends and areas of opportunity to help drive long-term growth and adoption of the platform in a way that provides maximum value to the automotive industry at large.

“We’re bringing partners from across the automotive industry to join the Fortellis Advisory Board to help shape the strategic planning and direction of Fortellis,” said Mahesh Shah, executive vice president and chief product and technology officer at CDK Global. “As an industry platform we feel it is important for us to seek out partner expertise in order to align growth of the platform with the needs and goals of the entire industry.”

Creating an Environment that Fosters Development with (dev)day @ NADA 2020

At NADA on February 13-14, Fortellis will host its third (dev)day event. An event focused on creating an environment where developers in the automotive space can come together to develop on the Fortellis platform, publish automotive APIs and solutions and collaborate with other innovators.

This year’s (dev)day event features guest speakers from the Microsoft Automotive Solutions group, who will provide opportunities for the industry to develop low-code and cloud-based solutions.

As part of its ongoing support of fostering possibilities for quality STEM-based learning, Fortellis is collaborating with University of Nevada Las Vegas Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering to bring students to (dev)day for mentorship opportunities and an opportunity to sit side-by-side with seasoned automotive developers. Students in software engineering, computer engineering and information technology will explore the different technology career paths in the automotive sector as they take an active part in the (dev)day.

Expanding the Platform for API Growth

Since the launch of Hailer on the Fortellis platform in June 2019, more than 600 dealerships have installed the solution, allowing service departments to hail more than 50,000 Lyft rides across the U.S. As part of the ongoing updates to Hailer, Fortellis is launching a CDK Service functionality for the solution, allowing the user to access the app from a desktop or tablet. The Lane 3.0 iPad app is now available on the App Store for CDK Service. In addition, service departments can now use Hailer to offer their customers a ride credit for Lyft instead of relying on rental cars.

Launching on Fortellis is the new, and much-anticipated CDK Drive Repair Order API. The CDK Drive Repair Order API leverages the capabilities of the CDK Drive DMS to enable dealerships to manage the full repair order workflow in one place, including accessing business logic and ensuring data integrity across applications for actions such as creating a repair order record, adding services, creation and approval of additional service requests, recording dispatched work, and tabulation of costs.

About Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ Platform Fortellis is a technology platform that enables the automotive industry to leverage, build, innovate and integrate solutions and workflows to transform business. The Fortellis platform—with its Developer Network and Marketplace—connects software developers, OEMs and dealers so they can create new and unique experiences efficiently and seamlessly. Visit fortellis.io to learn more.

About CDK Global, Inc.
With $2 billion in revenues, CDK Global (Nasdaq: CDK) is a leading global provider of integrated information technology solutions to the automotive retail and adjacent industries. Focused on enabling end-to-end automotive commerce, CDK Global provides solutions to dealers in more than 100 countries around the world, serving approximately 30,000 retail locations and most automotive manufacturers. CDK solutions automate and integrate all parts of the dealership and buying process, including the acquisition, sale, financing, insuring, parts supply, repair and maintenance of vehicles. Visit cdkglobal.com.

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