2 April 2020

Emerge more profitable and efficient with CDK Performance Consulting

To our customers:

We have seen how the current environment has forced industries around the globe to change the way they work, and we know the automotive industry, and those adjacent to it, are no different. While we are here to help you maintain the balance in your business today, we also want to extend our hand to assist you in uncovering potential opportunities that will enable you to emerge stronger than before as we move forward together.

As an extension of our current discounts through April, we are offering select CDK Performance Consulting virtual services to you with deferred billing for three months.

Through the services provided by the CDK Performance Consulting team, we can show you where the biggest opportunities lie to ensure your dealership consistently operates at the highest level. The virtual deep dives performed by Performance Consultants offer an advanced and unique view into your CDK products, dealership systems, and operations. We can help you think differently and find ways to be more profitable and efficient in your dealership.

We can deliver:

  • Full utilization of your Service Pricing with customer data that is current and effective.
  • Deep dive into your CDK dealership management system (DMS) to examine and identify any areas of concern.
  • Standardization of operational proficiencies and accounting practices across your departments and stores (ideal for the smaller dealership groups).
  • Recommended parameters for ordering service parts.
  • Free learning and performance opportunities for remote employees.
  • CDK Inspect, Management Reporting, Fast Lanes, and Executive Desktop training for remote employees.
  • Virtual billing optimization and standardization including template cleanup and General Ledger (GL) accounts.
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) Reports, including cleanup of Daily Operating Controls (DOC), customization and GL account additions.
  • Chart of Accounts work and financial statements (combined financial statements).
  • Chart of Accounts or GL standardization across a multi-company environment.
  • F&I standardization.
  • BDC and CRM process development and improvement.

These insights, counsel, changes, and adjustments can be delivered virtually at your convenience. There are a limited number of consulting appointments available through April and May, so please contact AllCDKConsulting@cdk.com or 1-800-929-8478 if you have questions or would like to learn more.

The CDK Learning & Performance team has also created a Learning Reference Guide to help customers easily register for CDK University, which features more than 600 online training courses and Virtual Instructor-Led classes. Registration and access to the library of courses are free to CDK Customers.

Every day, we’re challenging ourselves to find new ways to become a better partner to you. As we navigate these uncertain times together, the success of your business continues to drive us and remains at the heart of everything we’re doing to help you through this crisis.

We are here for you and are committed to being with you every step of the way. Thank you for choosing CDK.

Please stay safe and healthy,

Fred Fordin
Vice President, Consulting
CDK Global, Inc.