How to Keep Your Service Customers Close

Oct 05, 2017 | | 604 |

How to Keep Your Service Customers Close

By Bob Gower, Terry O’Brien


Improving Customer Retention and Service Profitability

Those of us in the auto industry tend to benchmark against others in the industry. But consumers don’t care how one dealer is performing versus another. They have only one concern: Did my service experience meet my expectations?

Service can make or break your dealership. The employees in your Service department will be the first people your customers see when they need a repair or have car problems. If the customers’ interactions with your Service department go poorly, there’s a good chance you won’t be hearing from that customer in the future.

According to a recent CDK Global dealer survey, dealers can lose, on average, more than 40 percent of their Service customers after their vehicle warranties expire. These statistics show that there’s a lot of room for improvement. This article discusses how you can set the foundation by addressing the three questions that every Service Manager needs to ask: Am I hiring the right people? Are we following the best practices for interacting with customers? Are we using Service tools that enhance the customer experience?

Our own automotive experts offer their advice to push your Service department in the right direction to retain customers and increase profits.


Senior Director of Business Development
Bob Gower is the Senior Director of Business Development at CDK Global. Bob uses his 20+ years of leadership experience in the automotive industry to develop strategic Business Development Center (BDC) objectives and maximize profitability in every profit center of the dealership, from Service and Parts to Variable Operations.
Lead Consultant - Fixed Operations
Terry O’Brien is a Lead Consultant for Fixed Operations at CDK Global. After nearly 20 years of retail experience, Terry began helping dealerships optimize their Fixed Operations. Now, for the past two decades, he’s become known for helping dealers maximize their processes, profitability and technology, retaining clients year after year.